Time to Let Go

I realized the other day that I am now in my upper sixties in age and am starting to slow down a bit. I have decided that I will focus on showing the few cats I have left and will no longer be involved in an active breeding program.


Lovely to look at, delightful to hold! It's magic!

Castleray British Shorthair Cats

We are a small cattery located in central/western New York that is drawing to a close on breeding.

lf you be interested in a kitten or adolescent cat, please feel free to contact me for advice in locating a good cat or kitten from other breeders.

Castleray's Old Kitten Maker

Through the kindness of Allan and Marlyn Derkacz, his breeders, and Karen and Ira Multer, breeder of his mother, Lilybean, I have a retired stud cat that I will be showing this season. He is Derkatz Sterlingsilver of Castleray. Sterling's father is Grand Champion and Regional Winner Derkatz Rock-A-Billy and his mother is Grand Champion Brittasweet LilyBean of Derkatz. I have one of his daughter which I am now showing. She is Grand Champion Castleray Daphne, an opinionated and regal girl!! Look for her!!

Castleray Cattery Show Wins for 2008-2009

We had Derkatz Sterlingsilver of Castleray (AKA "Honeybunny") at the GEM show in Lancaster Pa. in June of 2008 where he won his winner's ribbons for his championship. He was in the CFA Brockport New York Supershow on 8/16-17/08 where he showed off his summer coat and muscles at 10 months of age. He earned 102 grand points towards the 200 he needed to be a grand champion. At the Salt City Cat Club Show in Syracuse on September 27-28,2008, Derkatz Sterlingsilver became a GRAND CHAMPION when he earned 100 points. In one of the rings, he was best allbreed champion out of a field of 58 champions.

For the show year 2008-2009, Sterlingsilver was the highest scoring British Shorthair in the Great Lakes Region of CFA.

He is semi-retired and sits aroung all day, hogs cat food, and busts my "buns" whenever he can!

Castleray British Shorthair Cats- An Overview

We are a very small cattery which is slowing down but we tried to raise a high quality British Shorthair cat on a very limited basis. Our quality can be found in the conformation to the standard of the breed, especially the crisp coats and cobby type, and in their wonderful dispositions. All of our cats have the run of the house because they are primarily pets and are only confined when circumstances dictate, as in a visitor with allergies. Our stud cat had his own quarters but came to the family room every night for an hour or two of quality time with his owner. All cats remaining are seen on a regular basis by the veterinarian to ensure their continued good health and care. Their diet is a priority and they eat the best kibbled food available on the market as well as home cooked meals of fresh chicken, beef, lamb, and turkey. They also consume human food on occasion when they can sneak it off my dinner plate when I am not looking. However, they have never, ever, walked on the kitchen counter! (laugh out loud) This individual care is what we expect of future "petparents", but not necessarily this permissive!!

I would like to thank all of the people who have helped our small cattery to stay on the "map" by providing us with extensive advice and the courtesy of stud services when we did not keep a "boy". Special thanks are due to my wonderful mentor, Merry Elizabeth Hooker of Detroit's Gardengate Cattery who coached me 24/7 on kittening and all around cat care. Special thanks are also due to Al and Marlyn Derkacz for letting me have my first and second stud-boy.

If you are interested in advice on adopting a kitten, feel free to contact me at raymondfrice@yahoo.com or telephone me at (585) 393-0575. If you email me, please mark the subject as "kitten interest" so I will notice it above the clutter of emails I get on a daily basis. I generally respond immediately but if I have not, please follow it up with an email reminder or a telephone call.

We will help you locate a kittens but do not feel affronted if we suggest you get a reference from your veterinarian or verification that you do not smoke cigarettes or will not declaw. I do not want to be part of placing a kitten in a dangerour environment. It is the least I can do for the little creatures that we had a hand in bringing into and gracing the world.

Kittens/Older Adults


We will not be having any kittens in the foreseeable future.


All our older cats have been placed..